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What's the diffence between 6250AU and 6250UK?

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What's the diffence between 6250AU and 6250UK?

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Hi there,
I'm after a mid-range Davis weather station for myself (an amateur) and have come across the Vantage Vue Precision.

The model 6250AU is priced at ~$690/700 AUD and the model 6250UK at ~$590/600 AUD

What is the difference between the Australian version and the United Kingdom version that warrants a $100 AUD price tag difference?
If I got the UK one, how well would it operate here? (ie, can I save $100 bucks on essentially the same device)

Side note:
Vantage Pro2 on this site http://www.ambientweather.com/61dawivaprow.html#caption - Is ~$590/600 AUD while others are 800-900 and even past $1,100

Thanking you in advanced.