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Weather Observations Website

Please post relevant model information, weather and any other links of interest here
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Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:42 pm

Cannot see a mention of this new facility from the BOM, apologies if there is but could be of interest to members to put their obs out to a wider audience. ~~ http://bom-wow.metoffice.gov.uk/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The story from ABC website.

BoM works with UK Met Office to trial WOW

The Bureau of Meteorology has launched a new interactive part of its website allowing the community to share their weather observations.

WOW - or the Weather Observations Website - is currently affiliated with the UK's national weather service, the Met Office.

The WOW website was launched in the UK in mid-2011.

BoM Meteorologist, Julie Evans, says data from the public will complement the Bureau's own monitoring, giving a more complete picture of weather conditions in the New England North West and elsewhere.

"Members of the community can upload their own personal weather observations, or if it's an organisation that has automatic weather stations that send in information in the right format, that, too, can be automatically uploaded to this website," she said.

"The Bureau's official observations are also plotted, so you can compare your observations with the nearest [official] weather station."

Julie Evans says there are 700 automatic weather stations across the country, but they can't catch everything.

She says it's hoped many weather buffs in local communities will take an active interest and participate in the experiment.

"There is a huge amount of interest out there [and] there's also the opportunity to report phenomena, so if you see a tornado or a severe thunderstorm that's caused a lot of damage, [you can] put that information in there and its all archived," she said.

"You can, if you've got old records, even put those up if you really want to and get a bit of a history going for your location."

The UK Met Office own, host, maintain and conduct all development of WOW.

The Bureau of Meteorology has entered into an agreement with the Met to collaboratively use WOW in Australia in a trial demonstration until June 2014.

In the event, the Bureau decides not to continue to support WOW beyond the demonstration phase the site would revert to a UK Met Office only service, but all submitted observations would continue to be available.
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