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New toys, great prices

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New toys, great prices

Post by mick »

I have had the 350D since it came out, I think it cost 1250 new. I had it cleaned and serviced once, I max it at the airshow but its got a pretty low shutter count for its age. So new camera or new lens? I have only had the kit lenses 18-55 and 75-300mm, some very slow auto focus on both. With a bit of know how, it and they take pretty good pics overall, much better than I thought I would be able to produce. But its old technology.

I had a look around and was horrified at the pricing I found locally when compared to o/s for lenses and cameras. So I had a look at "grey imports" which is I conclude just a negative marketing term.

I found three sites if interest from Honkers. I settled on T-Dimension. I got my goodies in 3 days with postage included. I cant send a letter to myself and get it in 3 days. I was very tempted to go for a new camera, but at the price they wanted for the lens, going for the lens was a no brainer.

Canon 70-300 f4.5 is usm lens, best Ebay aussie seller from aussie stock, reliable dealer, not a return of refurb, about $600. Teds best price, $480, T-Dimension, $350, delivered in 3 days looks nice. Buying the lens let me get a Canon lens hood for 25 bucks and a couple of Hoya filters at $30 for top models way less than half, all flown in in 3 days, paid with paypal. GST has nothing to do with it, I will gladly pay GST and still save hundreds rather than buy such items locally. Im all for supporting the corner store, but when that store forgets that a corner store can only provide a modest lifestyle, enough is enough. It seems to me that many local retailers try and make 100-300% profit on large items, well not from me.

Tdimension and others have all the latest cameras at pretty much 1/3rd to half price compared to the best local deals, eg the 5D Mk III body only is a grand cheaper. Even with import duty, you save $800 bucks or more, thats a weeks wages for many people. What gets me is the local retailers who now have online sales, so they dont have the horrible pesky sales staff to pay, and they still charge the store price. They are all dead men walking but they dont know it.

So 350 D with its new lens and hoodie now actually looks like a camera. I am happy, I can sell it after the airshow, basically new and get back 300 of the 350 I paid, as good as hiring a lens. Then I will put that 300 aside for better gear. Now I can see how the hirers are making money, buy at honkers prices, list at aussie prices, deprecitate at the tax rate, its a free lens every 12 months and the hire pays for the lens in about 10 days of hiring give or take. Nice work.
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