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ACORN dataset...close to the worst in the world.

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Anthony Violi
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ACORN dataset...close to the worst in the world.

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New topic which was bought up in the normal threads so we can discuss it here.

We have seen how the BOM operate, they had a high quality dataset, but when they were pushed to release vital information, such as the codes to how they made such adjustments, they scrapped the dataset, and released Acorn.

Thankfully, Ken Stewart has been studying this for 2 years.

Here is the adjustments that he uncovered.

http://kenskingdom.wordpress.com/2012/0 ... justments/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

After 2 years of trying to get info on these adjustments, he is still being stalled.

I would class that dataset as one of the worst, possibly as bad as NIWA, in the world.

Not even Hansen would go to such lengths....actually he would. And did.
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