New Rainfall Map

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New Rainfall Map

Post by admin » Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:04 pm

(The following has also been emailed to members)

As you may be aware, we have developed a new rainfall map for AWF members to record their monthly rainfall data.

The new map appears at the bottom of the forum page. By navigating down the left hand side you can see the various monthly rainfall recorded by contributing members, along with the YTD rainfall.

The map works on latitude and longitude to "anchor" the rainfall readings to a particular location. So far, we have used the suburb lat/long co-ordinates as a default, however if you wish to have your data anchored specifically to where your readings have been recorded, please provide us with your actual lat/long and we will update the map accordingly.

Additionally, we can attach member's own websites/URLs from their weather stations to their individual locations on the map, if you would like your website included, please let us know.

To ensure as much integrity as possible in the data we are recording, it is important to keep the map up to date. There are some members who have not updated their rainfall for some months. Please check your data on the map and if you notice there are months missing, please provide the relevant information so that we can update the records for you.

Please post all update information in this thread, or alternatively pm Lily.

Thanks in advance :)


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