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Weather Stations (personal)

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Posted by SC on 12th June 2009

I brought a La Cross WS a couple years ago and had it replaced because it was faulty. But it now keeps turning off and is faulty again, can anyone recommend a weather station that is under $1000 that is reliable?

Posted by Karl Lijnders on 12th June 2009[/b}

I know there are a few people on here that have viewed this site that would have some knowledge in the area. Jane Oneill is the queen when it comes to this sort of stuff so hopefully if she is about then you may get some info.

The weather stations supplied by Australian Geographic (Davis??) @ Knox City are quite good value for ~$650

Posted by SC on 13th June 2009

The Davis one you mentioned, is that the Weather Wizard III? I don't think it has humidity, dew point and barometric pressure.

Posted by Karl Lijnders on 13th June 2009

Unsure but you may be able to buy add on parts.

I think it could be the Wizard III.

Posted by Dane on 14th June 2009

I bought a Davis weather monitor 2 about seven years ago works perfectly never had a problem and very accurate Did not have a rain gauge with it bit added one on about 4 years ago. you can see the update on my site at . The station is very reliable unlike my PC which goes haywire if it get too cold and too cold for it is if the room temp drops below 20 or 21c, have to run a heater in room then it gets too cold for the PC at times

Posted by SC on 14th June 2009

Thanks for that Dane. I searched the web and they don't make the Monitor 2 version any more. Your site is great too.

I might suss out the Vantage 2 station.

Posted by AUSSKY on 5th July 2009

Clyve Herbert & I are both running Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless stations in Trentham.... it can be quite fascinating to see the temperature and wind differences over's not unusual at 5am for Clyve to have -1.9°C while I have +2.3°C (that's only a 4.2°C difference - the largest difference so far in the early morning was 7°C in early December!!)

Clyve's wx station in the central part of town (Groves St - 700m ASL)
exposed to southerlies, slightly protected from the NW ... ge_Pro.htm

Mine just outside town (on the NE side - Gunyah Bend - 705m ASL)
exposed to the NW, pretty well protected from southerlies ... ge_Pro.htm
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